Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bra Size Comparison Pictures Smaller Bra Sizes?

Smaller bra sizes? - bra size comparison pictures

I wondered if most people go by size bra when weight loss or maintenance of same, what breasts appear larger in comparison to a lesser now. I have a 36A or 34B, as they have about the same size, right now, I was not happy. (I think they are too big for me). I'm only 17, but have lost a few pounds due to a new diet and exercise routine and medication for my thyroid has also contributed. I'm not fat, but I just want to lose some weight and be fitter. I waited with weight loss, the size of my bra would also be reduced. Certainly do not want to look bigger. Smaller is better.

Is there anything anyone can do to make your small breasts, in addition to the surgery? I'm too scared to do something, and I know I'm too young, especially since it only for aesthetic reasons. Any help is welcome.


christig... said...

Most people shrink breasts when they lose weight, because the breasts of most men especially fat.
Unfortunately, for me. No matter how much weight I lost me the same. I'm Avenue until 38 36, but I stayed for a D-Cup

Faerie loue said...

Are you anorexic, so that they can lose boobs? Who says nothing good have? A few that you really the body of a young boy, without a doubt! Small breasts are a sign of maturity and not sexually mature woman, as like other children. The question that no one has suggested that "small is best" and other derogatory remarks about the woman's body with normal weight. You can also have problems, then do not try to be what "they want". And yes, the breast tissue should be mainly fat! Hmmm, looks like a boy or a man or another person of the opposite sex could be considered a wonderful place to live.

swfan said...

As a rule be reduced with weight loss. Remember, as great as it sounds, but they are made of fat.

swfan said...

As a rule be reduced with weight loss. Remember, as great as it sounds, but they are made of fat.

Anonymous said...

lose wieght i dont think it is a healthy choice or reliably good. Surgery is the only way to go.

mark said...

36a and 34b are equal. When it's all right, the other a bad choice. You may not portable.

Not even a cup size A or B is quite small in the area of breast reduction surgery are.

Decrease the size of the female breast may cause. If you're 17, you should check your height and weight, with a letter and see what weight is healthy.

For a 34A, I think you need advice, you may be anorexic.

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